Windows 8 Upgrade Promotion

Microsoft are going to offer cheap upgrades to its latest, as yet unreleased in its final form operating system. The price being quoted is $39.99 which is roughly £25. This represents excellent value for money since it reportedly allows you to upgrade from any previous version of Windows. Given that many older PC’s and Laptops will happily run Windows 7, especially if they have at least 1 Gigabyte of ram, the upgrade option to Windows 8 means older machines can have a much extended lifespan since Windows 8 has a very similar hardware requirement,

Now, normally a price in dollars normally means the UK price will be more in comparison, in this case I wouldn’t be surprised to see a price tag of £39.99 for the Windows 8 Upgrade Promotion. This still represents good value.

I will be monitoring this development, but it is likely that I will offer a fixed price upgrade of £40 on top of the licence fee, to get your old computer bang up to date, so watch this space! You could be running the latest Microsoft Operating system without having to buy a new machine, saving you lots of money.

More details on the Microsoft blog here

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