Windows 8 UK upgrade price REVISED to £24.99

computer repair worthingEDIT: Microsoft has had a change of heart and the revised Windows 8 UK upgrade price will now be £24.99! This represents excellent value for money and is a welcome update. So……It will come as no surprise that Microsoft has set the upgrade price for Windows 8 at £40 in comparison to the $40 (£25 ish) it costs elsewhere. Even with US sales tax this still represents an extra £10 for us UK consumers. It isn’t a shock since the straight dollar to pound conversion was used for the £15 upgrade fee for new computers bought with Windows 7 since the start of June this year. £40 does still represent good value for money when a current Windows 7 upgrade costs in the region of £80. Now that the pricing has been revised I can confirm my Windows 8 upgrade promotion, now set at £65 including the upgrade licence. This does not include any hardware upgrades that may be necessary such as extra RAM memory, although in many cases this is not necessary. See the original article by clicking here. Clarification is still required on some of the finer points of what the licence allows you to install in terms of previous versions of Windows and I will update once I have this information. In the meantime please drop me a line if you are interested in the upgrade promotion.