Remote IT Support Services

Remote IT support services basically means that I login to your PC or laptop over a SECURE Internet connection from my office and perform maintenance and administrative tasks or training while you are in the comfort of your own home or office.

These tasks can include clean up and tune up operations to get your system running like new, removal of most virus infections and malware, installation of new software and administering a network.

Say your computer is running extremely slow, if you have access to the Internet I can link to your PC and diagnose why this is the case and fix it while you watch what I do, or go and make a cup of tea, relax, do some gardening, watch TV, whilst I get on with fixing your computer.

How It Works

–    You contact me so we can discuss your issue and arrange an appropriate time to organise a Remote Support session, most likely immediately if that suits.
–     I talk you through preparing your computer for the Remote Support session, which basically involves clicking the Remote Support link on this page to install some software.
–     You tell me the login ID and random password the software provides so that I can access your computer. This is a  SECURE one time connection that can only be initiated by you.
–     I connect to your computer, make an initial assessment and fix the problem.
–    You may be required to perform some simple tasks to assist with the overall process, such as logging on to your computer again and starting the remote support software after a computer restart.
–     Job done, I disconnect and you post payment securely online via my payments page and then enjoy using your repaired computer.

The added benefit of using this method of repair is that the maximum cost is fixed at £60 regardless of time spent. This reflects the fact that I haven’t had to travel anywhere and repair processes can be left running in the background whilst I get on with other work. If it only takes an hour then of course the cost is only £25.

So why not give me a call, drop me an email or use the web contact form here and I’ll be happy to arrange a Remote Support call and resolve your computer problems.