WHS 2011 The Cost Effective Server Solution

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Do You Have A Backup/Recovery Plan?

Consider what you would do if you lost your key business data or system. Do you have a plan in place to get you back up and running in the minimum amount of time? What would the impact on your business be if you lost your system for a day, two days, a week…. It can be a very sobering analysis if you don’t have the answers and potentially disastrous if not addressed.

Quite often most homes and businesses consider the addition of a dedicated fileserver to their home or business network to be an extremely expensive option. Generally the cost is seen as potentially running into thousands, with high priced hardware and equally expensive software to run on that hardware.

However for most homes and for many small businesses, many of the bells and whistles of server hardware and software are surplus to requirements. So why is WHS 2011 the cost effective server solution? WHS 2011, or Windows Home Server to give it it’s full title is less than £40 inc. VAT, which gives a 10 user licence. This represents incredible value for money for the home where there may be two or three or more (my own has five) PC’s/laptops to be backed up and amazing value for money for a small business. The title may well say Home but coupled with affordable hardware it makes a truly resilient option for business too. Consider that the next step up in Windows Server software is the SBS. small business server edition selling for £275 inc. VAT. This gives a 25 user licence and much the same functionality, but it is questionable whether it gives £235 more benefit for the cost conscious.

it support worthingSo what hardware do we run the bargain price WHS 2011 on? The Hewlett Packard N40L microserver. This server sells for £255 inc. VAT and currently has a £100 cashback offer, so we have £155 for a basic fileserver with 2GB of Ram and a 250GB hard drive. The only addition we need to make is to add some decent storage capacity and the server has three free hard drive bays. Two 2TB hard drives would give us a whopping 4TB of storage with space to add more should there be a need. For a small business we might also want to boost the Ram so that we can comfortably run Office applications direct from the server.

The Benefits

  • Perform daily backups of every computer on your network, including the server.

  • Restore everything from individual lost files to entire PCs.

  • Easily restore your entire server in the event of a critical disaster.

  • Monitor the condition and performance of each computer in your home or business.

  • Run applications directly from the server minimising updates to individual PC’s, potenially reducing overall licensing costs too.

  • Integrate Internet Cloud storage to your network.

  • Access your data from ANYWHERE.

Example Install Costs

Basic Home install with 2 additional hard drives with full install, under £500 inc. VAT (including £100 cashback)

Small Business Install with extra Ram and 2 additional hard drives under £600 inc. VAT (including cashback) to include up to five client PC/Laptop connection setups.

Small business Install as above but with Small Business Server edition £850 inc.VAT

This represents a cost effective way to secure your important data, whether it be your photos and documents or important business critical information and applications.

If you would like to know more about what a dedicated fileserver can bring to your home or business or would like to discuss your backup/recovery plan then please do not hesitate to contact me here.